Law Offices of Zachary T. Jackson, PLLC

Planning for the future often has legal implications. Whether you are preparing for your future by creating an estate plan, building your business, or buying real estate, the Law Offices of Zachary T. Jackson stand ready to counsel and assist you.

Estate Planning

Creating an estate plan that coordinates disposition of all of your assets can save your family significant difficulty when settling your estate. At the Law Offices of Zachary T. Jackson, PLLC, we use the wide range of estate planning tools available in Washington to ensure that your estate plan works for you.

Small Business Law

Like a home, a well-cared-for business can provide for and protect you and your family for many years. Like homeowners, business owners sometimes need additional assistance when making adjustments to their businesses to deal with changing circumstances. As you create your business, or as your business grows, the Law Offices of Zachary T. Jackson, PLLC can provide the guidance and counsel to help you keep your business vibrant.